Dhoni's calm demeanour leaves Bhatia awestruck

Dhoni's calm demeanour leaves Bhatia awestruck

Dhoni's calm demeanour leaves Bhatia awestruck

It is tough to be in the shoes of Mahendra Singh Dhoni at present. From leading the most successful team in the IPL to captaining a debutant franchise severely hit by injuries, Dhoni’s situation is far from comfortable. Rajat Bhatia, though, is awestruck by his captain’s stoic calm under the circumstances.

From boasting a side full of superstars, Rising Supergiants are left with only a handful after the departure of Steven Smith, Kevin Pietersen and Fad du Plessis owing to injuries. With two wins from eight matches, RPS find themselves in a precarious situation.

“There must be a few things going in his (Dhoni) mind right. Even though we are not doing well right now, doesn't mean he is not a good captain. I always feel his way of thinking is completely different. You can easily figure out. There are situations when you feel when he is going to get angry but he is always calm. That's the best thing. There are so many things you learn in IPL and that is what I am learning from him -- how to stay calm,” Bhatia told on the eve of their match against Delhi Daredevils.

Bhatia, who had represented Delhi for long before movi ng Kolkata and then to Rajasthan, said Pune have nothing to lose.

“We can only give our best. As far as Delhi ground is concerned, I can share my views with the team. Delhi wicket and association keep on changing so anything is possible here!” the all-rounder said.

“We have got two new foreign recruits in Usman Khwaja and George Bailey. I hope our combination will get better from here. Let’s hope with these two guys coming. There is no strategy. It  is just the momentum what we are looking for now.”

Bhatia felt it’s not right to predict a team’s future in the competition at the mid-way stage.

“Some teams who are doing well might lose momentum in the end, that's what happened with Rajasthan Royals. For two years we were on winning streak and suddenly we lost in the end. You can’t judge any team right now.”