'Sagar Kavach exercises secure coastal areas'

'Sagar Kavach exercises secure coastal areas'

Coast Guard (Karnataka) Commander K R Suresh said 11 Sagar Kavach exercises have been conducted by Indian Coast Guard - Karnataka unit to assess the effectiveness of existing coastal security structure since 2009.

He was speaking at a coastal security meeting convened at DC’s office hall in Mangaluru on Thursday.

He said the exercise is conducted to validate ocean front security, seaward security, island security, water front security, beach security, Nakabandi or Badobast and perimeter security of individual areas, which comprise the tiered mechanism of coastal security.

The Karnataka coast measures 107 nautical miles from Majali to Talapadi. The coastal line includes 17 islands and nine CSP stations as well. There is one major port, 12 non-major ports and the average merchant traffic in the ports is 1325.
The search and rescue region (SRR) is 32 per cent more than the local area of the coastal region. All the law of land is applicable till 12 km of territorial water, he said.

Suresh said Karnataka has several Vital Assess (VAs) and Vital Points (VPs) and these include religious shrines, major industries, educational institutions, National Highways, tunnel railways, railway bridges and road bridges.

DCP (Crime) Dr Sanjiv M Patil suggested installation of CCTV cameras at all these places and also at parking lots of various establishments. It is important to have a control room for CCTV camera monitoring. Fire exit should be provided in all buildings.
Security guards with valid weapon licence should be appointed, metal detectors should be installed at entrance points, X-ray baggage check-up facility should be installed at bus stands and railway stations. If people find anything suspicious, they should immediately inform it to the police. Measures should be taken for the checking of female visitors during security check-ups, he added.

Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim, MCC Commissioner Dr H N Gopalakrishna, Additional DC Kumar and Additional SP Vincent Shantakumar were present.