A crunchy take!

A crunchy take!

A crunchy take!

Tucked away in old residential Kumara Park, Seshadripuram is the 20-year-old eatery ‘Chetty’s Corner’. When the shop was first started in 1997 by Anil Kumar Chetty and Vinod Kumar Chetty, it was a small-scale family business selling traditional snacks with a twist. They started it to attract all kinds of customers, who would enjoy a mixture of local and foreign snacks.

Their unique creation that is now one of the most talked about and celebrated items on the menu is the ‘bun nippat’. “The ‘bun nippat’ is a creative take on a burger to make it ‘desi’ and cater to Indian tastes. It was a very indigenous idea and was the only one of its kind back then. When we tried it out as an experiment, it clicked with everyone and was a success,” says Vinod. He explains that originally the menu was not as large as it is today. It started off with just ‘bun nippat’ and ‘nippat masala’ which was a rage among their customers then. Their mother Subbalakshmi Chetty, who runs the shop, explains, “This has been a family business and it gives me great pride to see it thrive and have so many customers enjoy our food.”

Today they have all kinds of variations of the original dishes. The ‘bun nippat cheese’ is a scrumptious crunchy burger with tangy ‘chutneys’ and cheese to complete it and there is ‘spicy nippat masala’ too along with many other items.

One of the other sought-after items here is the ‘Twistato’, a fried potato snack on a stick. The Twistato was the first of its kind in the city, says the duo. When they brought down the idea from Thailand to Bengaluru, the crowd took an instant liking to it. “It looks fancy and also tastes delicious,” says a customer.

“The snacks here have remained consistent in taste all through these years,” says a regular at the eatery since 10 years. The joint also serves ‘masala’ beverages that complete the meal. Likhit Kumar, another regular, says his favourites here are the ‘spicy nippat masala’ and the ‘masala Fanta’.

The eatery gets busy after 5 pm on weekdays while weekends see a large crowd all through the day. It also has outlets in Kumaraswamy Layout, Banashankari, Commercial Street, Kammanahalli, Basaweshwaranagar and even Mysuru.

Chetty’s Corner gives you a wonderful culmination of Indian and Western tastes. Head here to enjoy a tasty snack and to revive childhood memories of eating crunchy ‘nippats’ and enjoying a Thums Up.