Jay-walking, garbage dumps and more

Jay-walking, garbage dumps and more

Jay-walking, garbage dumps and more

Beyond inter-modal connectivity issues, the Majestic area also has a host of civic, law and order issues to deal with.

Despite being managed by multiple agencies including BMTC, KSRTC, South Western Railways and BBMP, the issues remain and have only worsened over the years. This reflects a clear lack of planning and a vision for the future needs of a dynamic transport hub.

Pot-hole filled dusty stretches, stinking locations, heavy congestion, chaotic vehicular and commuter movements, poor sanitation, crime-prone zones, flesh trade... The area’s problems are endless. Here’s more:


The city traffic police identify jaywalking as their major challenge. This, they attribute to a severe lack of pedestrian crossing facilities. “Lakhs of people use the bus stands every day. But there is only two sub-ways connecting Gandhinagar and City railway station,” points out an Upparpet traffic police official.

The road engineering and dividers in the area are unscientific. At least four police personnel are deployed to control the jaywalkers. “There have been many fatal accidents due to jaywalking. The police have acted, booked cases, but there is little improvement,” the official explains.

Garbage dumping

Many locations along the KBS compound wall are being used as garbage dumping sites. Roadside vendors and their customers throw garbage at these sites, raising a stink for pedestrians. A good number of KSRTC buses originating from far off places in North Karnataka are parked in the space available outside the compound. Most often, these buses are virtually parked on the garbage dumps. Passengers complain about the unbearable stench.

No public toilets

There are only two public toilets inside the bus stands excluding the pay and use toilet at the City railway station. This is grossly inadequate considering the lakhs of commuters converging at the transport hub. No wonder, men urinating against the KBS compound wall is a regular sight.

Roadside vendors sell food close to such locations and people are forced to consume food in that surrounding. The authorities do spray bleaching powder to control the stench. Yet, the danger to community health looms large.

Flesh trade

For the Upparpet police, the thriving flesh trade in Majestic is another major challenge. “We are unable to control the prostitution rackets that include transgenders. They thrive by soliciting from a large number of passengers. They are seen moving around the pedestrian foot bridge, inside and exit points of sub-ways,” says a police official.

Women constables are permanently deployed inside the sub-ways to control the menace, but there is hardly any improvement. “Many of the transgenders and prostitutes have an understanding with autorickshaw drivers. They are involved in robberies and petty crimes as well.”

Connectivity issues

Lack of direct connectivity to City railway station from Gandhinagar end is a real inconvenience to the travelling public. There is a pedestrian foot over bridge which stands within the bus stand. It lacks connectivity to the City railway station and Metro railway station. The traffic police say that a few skywalks can be added to the foot bridge to ensure direct connectivity to City railway station. The additions will marginally reduce pressure on sub-ways and reduce jaywalking.

Haphazard parking

The situation turns chaotic towards late evening as a large number of private bus operators park buses in a haphazard manner which consumes a lot of space on the roads. Even, BMTC and KSRTC bus drivers are guilty of the same inside the bus stands, causing more trouble for the commuters.