State open to talks with Goa over Mahadayi issue: CM

State open to talks with Goa over Mahadayi issue: CM

State open to talks with Goa over Mahadayi issue: CM

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, on Monday, said, the state government, led by Congress party, has never declined to hold talks with neighbouring states in resolving conflicts. The government has also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene to resolve the Mahadayi issue, he added.

Speaking to mediapersons at Mysuru Airport, Mandakalli near here, before attending a programme in the city, he said the government has always welcomed the Goa government to resolve Mahadayi issue outside the tribunal.

When asked about the suggestion of Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar over the Mahadayi issue, he said: “Parrikar was the one who opposed peace talks. Karnataka never opposed discussion with any State, including, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, on resolving any issue”.

On Sunday, Parrikar, during his visit to Mysuru, had suggested that peace talks between Karnataka and Goa governments would settle the issue soon. The chief minister said, “I have approached the prime minister and have written letters to him, urging him to resolve the issue. During my last visit to Delhi to discuss about the drought situation in the state, I urged him to convene a meeting with Goa and Maharashtra chief ministers to find out a solution for the Mahadayi issue. But, there was no positive response”.

Additional funds sought

Speaking about funds from the Centre to take up drought relief works, he said, the prime minister has assured to sanction Rs 723 crore in a week. The state has sought an additional Rs 12,272 crore to tackle drought situation and for development works like Multi Village Projects, permanent drinking water projects and filling of lakes, he said.

The Stte government has convened a meeting with MPs and Central ministers of the State on May 11 to discuss about various projects implemented in the State and to get their suggestions, Siddaramaiah added.