Tejaswi slams BJP, says 'Jungle raj' prevails in New Delhi

Tejaswi slams BJP, says 'Jungle raj' prevails in New Delhi

Tejaswi slams BJP, says 'Jungle raj' prevails in New Delhi

Launching a counteroffensive against BJP for its ‘return of jungle raj’ remark, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Yadav on Wednesday said if the killing of a youth in a road rage incident symbolised that, then even the national capital was no different.

“If one road rage incident takes place in Bihar and it is called ‘jungle raj’, then the maximum number of road rage incidents take place in Delhi. So is there ‘jungle raj’ in Delhi? Pakistani flag is unfurled on the country’s soil, isn’t it jungle raj?

“Terrorists enter the most secure air base, isn’t it jungle raj? If there is a Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh, where one after the other, murder takes place, IPS officer is killed, nobody says there is jungle raj. In Haryana, there was such a big riot and such unfortunate incidents of rape took place but it is not called ‘jungle raj’,” Yadav, who was in the national capital on an official visit, told reporters.

Rocky Yadav, son of a ruling JD(U) MLC, was on Tuesday arrested for killing a 20-year-old youth Aditya Sachdeva in an incident of road rage in Bihar’s Gaya district.

Tejaswi, the younger son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, said several political leaders and engineers have been killed in BJP-ruled states but nobody raked up the issue and said law of the jungle prevailed there.

He said the way people of Bihar voted the grand alliance of JD(U)-RJD-Congress to power will continue to echo in BJP’s ears for the next five years and it is their main cause of worry.

“In BJP-ruled states, if their leaders rape somebody, they are made ministers at the Centre by Modiji,” he said.

Expressing sadness over the road rage incident he said there is a need for social grooming and spreading awareness among the people about such incidents.

“We condemn the incident. We assure that strict action will be taken against the culprit. We will fight the case properly. Within two days, arrests have been made,” he said.

Tejaswi said the rule of law prevails in Bihar and justice with development will take place in the state. “People of Bihar have made up their mind that they will teach BJP a lesson in 2019 (Lok Sabha polls). There will be a non-BJP government after 2019. Bihar should not be defamed,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

“Since the imposition of prohibition, the crime graph in Bihar has gone down but media never shows that,” he said.