Row over PM's degree hurting DU's image: Sisodia

Row over PM's degree hurting DU's image: Sisodia

Row over PM's degree hurting DU's image: Sisodia

Delhi University's image is taking a hit due to the row over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's degree, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today said, and suggested a "joint inspection" of documents with the varsity's Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi as the "best solution".

In a letter to Tyagi, Sisodia accused the DU authorities of "hiding facts" and said the Delhi government wants to see an end to the controversy, which is sending a "wrong message and sowing seeds of doubt among students and teachers".

Sisodia urged Tyagi to write to Modi and seek his permission for making his BA degree public, "which I believe the PM will not object to".

"Take out time next week. Being the education minister of Delhi, I will come to you. You get documents related to the PM's degree to your chamber and we will inspect them. We will share the conclusions in a joint press conference and upload the documents on the website," Sisodia's letter reads.

The letter came on a day DU Registrar Tarun Das said the varsity has not been influenced by "any political pressure" in authenticating the degree shared by BJP and asserted that it is acting in accordance with the law.

Universities across the world "take pride" in having heads of state in the list of their former students, Sisodia said, wondering why the DU authorities were keen on "suppressing" that Modi's name figures among its prominent alumni.

"DU is refusing to keep all the facts in the public domain. This is deepening the suspicion in the minds of people. If the PM has received his degree from DU, then it is a matter of pride for the DU.

"But the way the DU authorities are hiding facts related to PM's degree, a wrong message is being sent out. Naturally, people are asking if PM has indeed graduated from DU, then why is the varsity hiding this fact?" Sisodia asked.

The Delhi Education Minister said the ongoing debate has not only "tarnished" the image of DU, but also put students and teachers in a quandary as to why the varsity is not putting documents in public domain and announcing with pride that the PM is its former student.

"A university gets its name and prestige from its students and teachers. This should not be affected in any manner...If you think PM will object to making documents related to his degree public, write a letter to him and seek his permission. I believe he will not object," he said.