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On cloud number nine

Meghna B Patil
MES Kishore Kendra

SCORE 623/625

When exams approach, students are seen spending countless hours with their books. But for Meghna B Patil, it was the systematic way of studying that helped her get high marks.

      “I had actually expected 624, but one mark less is not so bad. I’m happy with my score and I’m glad that my hard work has paid off,” she says. Apart from the tuitions, studying about 4 hours a day helped her a lot. As for the future, she hopes to join the same school for her Pre-University course.

     “I want to grow up and become a cancer specialist. I lost my grandmother to cancer, so I want to help others who are struck by cancer,” she says.Her parents, Basavaraj S Patil and Shridevi B Patil, are also extremely happy with her performance and see a bright future for her.

Anusha Kashyap
Poorna Pragna Education Centre

SCORE  622/625 

Anusha Kashyap has secured the 4th rank in the state. She hopes to take up subjects involving Mathematics and Biology and hopes to pursue a career in Medicine. “I was systematic in the preparations. I made a timetable and stuck to it. My teachers have also played an important part in my success,” she says. Anusha is also learning classical music and wants to take it up as a subject. “I want to carry foward both my interest in music and medicine. This is why I want to teach medicine rather than practise it,” she says. Her father Chandramouli says he knew she would excel. “We were confident about her success. She is a bright child and we are here to encourage her,” he says.

Carmel School

SCORE 621/625

Samarth G V says that it is his methodical way of studying that helped him score high. “I studied for fixed hours everyday and there was no compromise on that. This has helped me today,” he says. His favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science. He wishes to pursue science for Pre-University and is working towards cracking the IIT entrance examination. “I want to get into IIT. It has been my dream for a long time,” he adds. He took a break only to play cricket but is also passionate about cars and bikes. His parents Ganesh Prasad and Sandhya too are thrilled. “He has been a consistent performer from class 5. He was very confident after he wrote his board exams and he was sure of getting good results,” says Ganesh. 

Aishwarya K Aithal
Mother Teresa High School

SCORE  623/625

Aishwarya K Aithal had not expected the marks she scored. “I didn’t expect to get more than 97% but I guess luck was on my side. Although I found my first language, Sanskrit, a bit difficult compared to others, I am thrilled to say that I did quite well in that subject as well,” she says. Unlike others, she didn’t have a particular schedule.

      “I preferred studying in the evening and went on till midnight. I used to laze around or sleep during the day. I felt that I shouldn’t stress myself too much but study whenever I made the time for it.”

    The enthusiastic teenager hopes to major in science for her Pre-University course and ultimately become an architect.

Sriniketh SS
VVS Sardar Patel High School

SCORE  622/625

Sriniketh’s hard work has clearly paid off. He depended on himself to score high marks and not go for any tuitions. “I never attended any tuition or coaching classes, I studied on my own. I went through previous exams books, did my regular studies and solved exercises with self-help books.” He spent about 2 hours daily studying since the beginning of the academic year and extended it to 5 hours as exams approached.His parents, Srinivas Gopal and Sreelatha, are extremely proud of his efforts.

His mother says, “He’s a very normal kid who did exactly what other normal kids do. We didn’t have to pressurise him at any point and he’s done a great job. We are very proud of him.” Sriniketh is yet to decide what he wants to do in future, but it definitely has something to do with engineering.

(As told to Nina C George and Anila Kurian)

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