Beat the heat

Beat the heat

Summer drinks

Restaurants and hotels in the city have introduced fruity drinks using ingredients like watermelon and jamun (java plum), along with traditional drinks like thandai, lassi and sharbats on their menu.

The JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity has curated a range of jamun cocktails. According to Ankur Chawla, director of beverages, manager JW Lounge and Akira Back, they chose the fruit because of its taste and acceptability. “After detailed research on taste, availability, versatility of the ingredient to be mixed in drinks, we selected this fruit which is topical to summer in India,” he tells Metrolife. “We believe that jamun is one of the underrated ingredients,” he adds.

Watermelon is another ingredient which is generously used to create drinks, salads, sorbets and ice-teas. Chef Stephen Gomes, L’adresse Kitchen and Bar says, it is because watermelon contains a lot of water which is helpful to stay hydrated. “It is an ideal summer fruit because it is high in fibre and is a good source of potassium, and doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol,” he says.

However, Chef Stephen from Storm Bar and Grill, East of Kailash says the easiest way to cool down is by having a power-packed lassi and soothing sharbat. “It (sharbat) is an old tradition drink prepared from fruits or flower petals. The cooling agent in flowers and fruits will keep you fresh in the scorching heat.”

“You can also make lassi interesting by adding fresh fruits like mango or herbs like mint,” he adds.