Illegal poor colonies: Kejri wants low cost regularisation

Illegal poor colonies: Kejri wants low cost regularisation

Delhi govt wants to charge 50% of land value

Illegal poor colonies: Kejri wants low cost regularisation

The Delhi Government is trying to save the poorest band of unauthorised colony residents from paying hefty land cost charges to earn a legal tag for their homes, built on government land, sources said.

In response to a central government proposal sent for review, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has proposed that residents in unauthorised colonies that have been categorised as F, G and H - in a category scale of A to H - should be spared  the burden of paying the entire land cost.

The Delhi government wants residents of these three categories of poor colonies to be charged only 50 % of the land cost – that would be based on the existing land circle rates in the area.

The land cost, according to central government’s suggestion, should be to be 5, 8 or 12 percent – for varying sizes of plots respectively - of the circle rates.
The additional regularisation cost and damages should be 50 % of the land cost.
Kejriwal wants these rate slabs slashed by half.

The only charge that the Kejriwal government is keen to collect from the three poor colonies in categories F, G and H is 2, 4 and 6 % of the circle rate of land -  for plots up to 100 square metre, 200 square metre and 300 square metre respectively.
The AAP government is also in favour of waiving off regularisation and damage charges from residents of F, G and H category unauthorised colonies.

The AAP government, in its response to the central government’s proposal, has conveyed its consent for the plan to impose land cost, regularisation and damage charges for colonies of categories A to E.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
But, Kejriwal is insisting on special concessions to the poor colonies in categories in F, G and H.

A bulk of the over 1,600 unauthorised colonies in the city are built on government land. All colonies which came up till February 14, 2015 are going to be considered for regularisation.

The regularisation plan sent by the Union Urban Development Ministry to the AAP government talks of dividing colonies into various categories from A-H – depending upon the civic facilities in authorised colonies around them.

The regularisation plan also talks of collecting variable charges from house owners depending upon the size of their plots.

In November last year, the Delhi government sent a plan for regularisation of unauthorised colonies to the central government.

The government has now sent the same proposal back with its observations.
The Delhi government has proposed that houses in all unauthorised colonies in government land should be divided into three slabs for collecting cost of land from the residents.

The first category is of small plots up to 100 square metre, the second slab is of plots between 101 square metre and 200 square metre and the third category is of plots of more than 200 square metre size.

If the residents of these plots do not get their plots regularised, the would be charged penalty that would again depend on the size of their plots.

According to an official, in case inspections reveal that a particular  unauthorised colony has not been categorised on the scale of A-H, then category of the closest unauthorised colony under consideration for regularisation would apply in this case also.