From reel to ramp

From reel to ramp

From reel to ramp

He’s played the good guy and the bad guy in various Bollywood movies. He’s portrayed a loud character as well as the sweet person whom everyone wants to be friends with.

He’s made people laugh with his humour and brought out emotions through his photographs. Today, the diverse actor is enthralling the audience with his unconventional idea of style, that is born out of confidence and passion, with the Blenders Pride Reserve Collection. In a chat with Anila Kurian, Boman Irani talks about his personal style and about the comedy scene in the country.

What are you most comfortable in?
When I’m at home, it’s my track pants and T-shirt that I’m most comfortable in. When I’m travelling, I always carry a blazer along with me. If I’m heading to work, jeans are my favourite.

Have you played a character that you thought had a bizarre dressing sense?
The character I played in ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ had a bizarre sense of dressing. I remember a month before the shoot, the designer came with the clothes for the character. As soon as I saw it, I asked ‘Who wears this kind of clothes?’ The producer immediately turned around and said, ‘Those are my husband’s clothes!’ But I didn’t complain because it was part of who the character was and I never judge a character.

What do you think about the comedy scene in the country?
I think it’s a large element in all our lives. Some of the shows are really good even though it’s mostly the English comedy ones. The popularity of comedy has grown in such a way that it’s not just done in clubs anymore, but also in big auditoriums. YouTube is also playing a major role in promoting it. These comedians have become such good observers that they are even becoming social and political commentators.

Your favourite comedian.
Vir Das. I think it’s great that one can be a social commentator through humour.

Which one do you prefer playing — comedian or villain?
It completely depends on the story. Each one has its own personality. It’s not necessary that a funny guy can’t have a dark personality and vice versa. As long as my character has a good part in telling the story, I’m fine with anything.

Three random things about you....
I am petrified of lizards. I am still not over the fear that I will miss my flight one day. I am a very, very lazy person.