'Innovations have enriched art forms'

'Innovations have enriched art forms'

Veteran Yakshagana artiste Hosthota Manjunath Bhagavat said stressed on the need for innovations for survival of art forms.

Speaking after inaugurating ‘Mantapabhinandane’, a programme organised by Yakshagana Kalaranga to present Tallur-Kanaka Annayya Shetty Award to Yakshagana artiste Mantapa Prabhakar Upadhya at Rajangana here, he said the changes in Yakshagana are welcome. The regional essence in the art from is indeed essential. However, the art form will also imbibe the layers of modifications in its tussle with the changing reality at the same time. The reality is very much important for the sustenance of arts, he remarked.

He stated that artistes like Mantapa Prabhakar Upadhya have introduced many innovative ideas in Yakshagana. Such innovations have enriched the art, besides helping out to stand against the invasion of modernity, he added. 

Bhagavat reiterated that there is no perfection even at the helm of the affairs. Hence, it is necessary to learn from the everyday affairs and simultaneously incorporate the necessary changes. The novel ideas will infuse life into the art. The originality of the art should be studied and maintained through various experiments to attract people, he remarked.

He said the new idea should help the survival of the art forms. There should be collective thoughts aiding the blend of literature with the concept of the plot, he stressed.

Paryaya Pejawar seer presented Tallur-Kanaka Annayya Shetty Award to Mantapa Prabhakar Upadhya.

The seer said Yakshagana has brought fame to the coastal belt. Dance art form has a special position in the traditional and spiritual culture of the country.The uniqueness of the art lies in the fact that the male artistes perform the role of female characters with ease, he noted.

He said folk arts should be preserved with its affluent aesthetics. The folk art is the epitome of the cultural identity to this part of area, the seer said.

He lauded Mantapa Prabhakar Upadhya for his outstanding performance in Yakshagana.

Matti Muralidhar Rao Award and Yakshagana Kalaranga Award, instituted in memory of Perla Krishna Bhat, were given to veteran artistes Vishwanath Shetty and Prof M L Samaga on the occasion.