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Last Updated 24 May 2016, 18:54 IST

Actor Sriimurali likes to go slow, especially when it comes to movies. After ‘Rathaavara’, this young actor is preparing for his next movie which will also see Shivarajkumar in it. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about how excited he is about this latest project.

How did the movie happen?

I asked to be a part of this movie. (Smiles) The moment the directer Narthan told me about the story, I told him that I want to be in it. This movie will be one of those well-made ones which will be excellent in technical details and the script. It will be a feast for the eyes. We hope to start shooting in a month. 

Elaborate about your role 
For people who have watched ‘Ugramm’ and ‘Rathaavara’, this will be a different experience. The movie is a action cum drama movie, with a moral at the end. All I can say for now is that the character is exactly what I have been waiting for. I wanted to go a little overboard. I always wanted to do a loud character — it is stylish, has humour and all the requisite elements to make heads turn. This movie is for the mass audience. 

How are your and Shivarajkumar’s looks in the movie?
Shivanna and I have different characters in the movie and the looks will also be very different. People wouldn’t have seen Shivanna is a role like this. I am excited about acting with him, as he is one of the best artistes. My wife Vidya will be designing the outfits for me, Shivanna and for the heroine. She has been designing my costumes since ‘Ugramm’ and as a stylist she has a different eye for details.  

Thoughts about Shivarajkumar...
He is a very refined actor. He is family and he has known me since I was in my diapers. As a person and as an actor, there is a lot to learn from him. As an actor who has only been around for 12 years in Sandalwood, I am looking forward to work with Shivanna, who has been around for 30 years.

Does this mean additional responsibility?
I’m quite excited! I am extremely thrilled that he agreed to be a part of the project. I don’t think I can ask for anything better than this at this stage of my career. Yes, the pressure is high now. All I can think of is work, work and more work. I can’t wait to start shooting!

How did the family react when they heard about it?
(Laughs) My family hadn’t heard of who would be a part of the project, till I announced it on social media recently. They were all pleasantly surprised and are looking forward to the project kicking off.

Are you more nervous or tensed? 
I am both nervous and tensed. I am what I am only because of my fans.  I take movies slow as I want to match their trust. I don’t focus on a movie with the thought that it has to be a hit — I just make sure to put in my best.

How are you preparing for the role?
The team wants me to shape up a bit more. I am working a lot on my physique and am on a strict diet. Being a foodie, it isn’t easy. I don’t remember what rice tastes like now. 

(Published 24 May 2016, 17:19 IST)

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