Craze for colouring books picking up among adults in Bengaluru

Craze for colouring books picking up among adults in Bengaluru

Users say it is a stress buster, helps improve concentration

Craze for colouring books picking up among adults in Bengaluru
From an eye-stopper fiction to non-fiction dominate bookstores; the colouring books for adults are the next big thing on the shelves now. Considered as panacea to beat stress and improve concentration, these books are slowly making their space into Bengaluru’s bookstores.

Once known as a domain of children, the fad for creative colouring books among the grown-ups first started in the West and spread world over. These books offer a simple but gloriously detailed patterns and designs for colouring and doodling its pages.

Apart from a variety of books on different themes covering nature, birds, butterflies, animals, cities, stunning concepts of movies to distinctive tattoos, there are a few books with intricate postcards, which could be sent to a passionate art lover.

Nanda Gopal P, a Bengaluru-based theatre personality says: “The patterns and designs are intricate as well as creative. As it takes a lot of time to paint, the process is a useful diversion from the routine work. Practising any form of art is a relief and helps in beating stress. I sometimes take three to a maximum of seven days to complete a single page.” He said that he recently bought one book for his son and one for himself.

Pragnya Venkatesh, design student from JP Nagar also spends time colouring the books.  “It’s a way to build patience and focus. I spend my leisure time with the book instead of watching television”.  Arvind Kaushik, a practicing lawyer concurs and says it is a stress reliever and satisfying to see the final work of art.

Krishna G, proprietor of The Bookworm store on Church Street said the demand for colouring books started six months ago and is picking up. “We have seen 20% increase in the sale of these types of books in the last three months.”  They have sold over 500 books in less than a month.

Similarly, Mayi Gowda of Blossom Book House said that on an average 20 colouring books are being sold everyday since last three months. “We too are surprised with the growing demand. But these books are bought by grown ups, including youths,” he said pointing out that ‘Secret Garden’ by Johanna Basford was a popular one.

Meanwhile, Dr Manjula M, assistant professor, department of psychology, NIMHANS said these books would help in improving concentration and cognitive ability. Sunitha Desai, city-based counsellor said: “It is a type of art therapy. The process would definitely calm and relax our minds”, she said while picking up one such book from a bookstore on Wednesday.