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Last Updated 28 May 2016, 18:30 IST

The city has something to offer pet lovers looking to adopt pups and kittens this Sunday. People For Cattle in India (PFCI), a Chennai-based NGO and Woofyz are organising their first-ever adoption drive on Sunday at Cessna Lifeline. 

The drive aims at giving these rescued animals a better life. The adoption drive will involve a total of 25 puppies and kittens. When Deccan Herald spoke to Ritikaa Goel who heads PFCI Bengaluru, she said, “This adoption drive is a first of its kind in India as it provides medical, legal, pet boarding and fresh canine food at a concessional rate to the pet parents. Around 12 foster parents were shortlisted, whose pups and kittens are going to be put up for adoption on Sunday.”

The pups and kittens which will be put up for adoption have been rescued from harsh conditions. “For instance, once, one of our rescuers found two kittens in a plastic bag. In another incident, we rescued an extremely malnourished puppy. In Bengaluru, increasing number of pets are being abandoned every day. On an average, 12 Indie dogs and at least 2-3 pedigree dogs are found abandoned on roads in a week,” she said. Goel explained that they rescued a puppy whose hind leg was fractured due to a road accident and it has now recovered.

 “It is now good to be adopted,” she exclaimed. 

Talking about the adoption, Goel assured that those volunteering for adoption need not be apprehensive as animals that have been put up for adoption are de-wormed, groomed and their medical records are clean. However, the vaccination is due for the newborn puppies. “Once they reach the required age, they will be vaccinated free of cost,” she added. 

30-35 adopters expected
The NGO is expecting to see 30-35 potential adopters. The adopters will go through adoption screening and if approved, they will have to sign a few basic adoption policies. The adoption drive is supported by Cessna Lifeline, Pet Space, Tail and Spin and Canine Cuisine which are offering concessions on products and services. 

Sneha Kapoor, known as ‘Indian Salsa Princess’ is the brand ambassador of the event.


(Published 28 May 2016, 18:30 IST)

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