Indian employees most content about their well-being: Survey

Indian employees most content about their well-being: Survey

Indian employees most content about their well-being: Survey

Indian employees are the most positive about their well-being among their peers globally, according to a survey.

"The country holds the record for satisfaction with almost 9 in 10 Indian employees positive about their well-being (88 per cent)," according to the 11th Edenred-Ipsos Barometer on employee well-being.

It said for India, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, the scores are the highest for all items linked to well-being at work, specifically about emotion (enjoying coming to work in the morning, interest in the job, its stimulating nature and confidence in their own professional future).

India, along with China, Mexico, US, Germany, Italy and Spain, pay less attention to diversity and integration of young people, but they also have active policies when it comes to skills development and the management of seniors, it said.

The 11th Edenred-Ipsos Barometer on employee well-being was conducted in January 2016 on 14,400 employees in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, UK, and for the first time this year in Brazil, Chile, China, India, Japan, Mexico and US.

"In a sometimes difficult economic context, employee engagement is central to the sustainable performance of organisations. In its capacity of observer of the job market, we listen closely to companies to improve their efficiency, in particular in terms of human resources.

"To that end, the Edenred-Ipsos Barometer is a preferred tool for determining the needs of employees and allows us to think about developing specific HR actions," Edenred Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, Jeanne Renard said.

The survey further revealed that well-being at work strongly impacts motivation.

Amongst a workforce of 15 major economies, the survey found that 71 per cent of employees are positive about their well-being at work.

The survey shows that all countries combined, employees are more satisfied with items related to environment while scores related to appreciation and emotion are lower.