Mishra complains against 'BJP' IT team's slander

Mishra complains against 'BJP' IT team's slander

Mishra complains against 'BJP' IT team's slander

Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra on Monday sought police action against alleged slander by some members of BJP’s IT team using funeral procession of Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh to incite communal tension.

The Minister claimed fake accounts in his name were being created and objectionable information circulated to project him in bad light.

In a letter to Police Commissioner Alok Verma,  Mishra said: “Some members of the BJP IT machinery are indulging in malicious and mischievous slander. This is being done by creating multiple fake profiles, pages and handles. On multiple times, they have created fake pages and posted misleading, wrong and false information while posing as Kapil Mishra.”

“I request you to register an FIR and investigate into these anti-social elements who are not only misrepresenting me but are also flaring up communal tensions to destroy the social fabric of our city and country,” wrote Mishra.

“On past instances, Facebook has blocked and banned all such profiles on being reported to them for misrepresentation,” he said, giving links of alleged controversial posts on social media.

He said the recent posts made fun of the funeral procession of the Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh by equating it with a political rally to paint a poor picture of the Aam Aadmi Party and him.

Cracked down
“This is being done to rouse communal tensions within the city, which should not be tolerated and be cracked down upon. Several Facebook pages and twitter IDs have been used to spread his message,”  he said.

Mishra alleged the BJP IT machinery and that their servers are being used to share incendiary posts.

It is the usual troll and hate brigade of some BJP members who are resorting to such horrible methods to paint the AAP in poor light.

Since they can’t fault us with delivery of policy and governance on ground, they are resorting to such malicious techniques of slandering,  Mishra wrote.