'I like playing negative roles'

'I like playing negative roles'

'I like playing negative roles'
Though he has acted in different projects, it was ‘Raja Hulli’ that brought him to the limelight. Several roles later, Vasishta N Simha is now making heads turn again, with his role in ‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’ (GBSM), which released recently. This young actor, who is known mostly for his grey characters, gets candid with Tini Sara Anien, about his journey in Sandalwood so far.

Why did you get into the film industry?
Having worked with a few startups and later in Accenture, movies happened accidently. I knew that I wasn’t made for MNC’s; I was into theatre, so acting was a passion. Theatre happened by accident too — I did BCA in my college years and we were challenged to enact a play. I had to direct it and act in it too. After that the passion grew and here I am now.

When was your first role?
A series of auditions for serials happened, where I always got selected for the role. The casting team would always appreciate my acting and how I delivered the lines. But, after this I would never get a call back. Then I worked in ‘Hubballi Hudagaru’ (which hasn’t released yet). After this ‘Arya’s Love’ happened, where I got a chance to explore many facets of the industry — I sang some tracks for the movie, did cinematography and also acted in the project.

The movie that gave you a break.
After ‘Arya’s Love’, I was very careful with the roles I chose. I have rejected many projects, where I didn’t see myself. I can proudly say that ‘Raja Hulli’ was the movie which gave me a break in my career. I was extremely excited to act in a project which had Yash in it. After this followed other films like ‘Gorukana’, ‘Rudra Tandva’, ‘Nan Love Track’, ‘Alone’ and recently ‘GBSM’.

How do you feel now that ‘GBSM’ has done so well?
Now that the film is out, I can proudly say that it was a dream come true. Though it wasn’t something I ever fantasised about, I feel like it was an out-of-the-world experience.

The audience has been sharing feedback about your character and voice in ‘GBSM’. You reaction to this?
I am extremely excited and thankful. I’ve got calls from across the state, sharing feedback on my acting and my voice. I haven’t gone for any vocal training classes but I’m glad that my voice sounded appealing to the audience.

How was the experience of working with someone like Anant Nag?
I had heard a lot about him and I was really nervous to act with him. But he was the most comfortable person to be around. There were sequences where I had to drag him around and use foul language, and I was scared to do the same. I kept asking myself how I would be able to manage these sequences. While I was still thinking, Anant sir came and made me stand where he was standing and enacted the scene for me, though
he didn’t know my lines. He also told me that he was a fit man and that he wouldn’t mind if I was a little hard on him.

Do you feel you will get typecast, after having done so many negative roles?
I like doing roles which have a grey shade. I have always admired Raghuvaran sir’s acting and I used to practice his lines in several movies. Though I might not be the villain in every movie, I like playing negative roles.

Given a chance, what role would you like to play?
I would like to play the role of a hero, whose role is not just about heroism and delivering lines which make him look like this loud character.

If not an actor, what would you have been?
If I hadn’t entered the film industry, I would have become a doctor.

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