Doctors at Fortis operate on wrong leg

Doctors at Fortis operate on wrong leg

Doctors at Fortis operate on wrong leg

The doctors at Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh operated on the wrong leg of a 24-year-old man on Tuesday after he suffered a heel bone fracture.
They did not realise their mistake till the patient pointed it out himself.

Fortis Hospital has sacked five personnel – doctors and operation room assistants – after its inquiry committee found them to be responsible.

The Delhi government has decided to conduct an inquiry into the case, said officials.
Ravi Rai, a resident of Ashok Vihar, fell from the staircase at his house on Sunday. He was rushed to the emergency at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

“The doctors said that he should be immediately admitted. My son suffered a fracture on the right leg after the fall. They suggested the next day that an immediate operation was required for him in this condition. Other tests were also conducted. We decided to do as the doctors said,” said Ramkaran Rai, the patient’s father.

When the effect of the anaesthesia wore off, the youth realised that the doctors had operated on the left leg instead of the right. “My son called me to say that the doctors had plastered the left leg after operating it instead of the right. The doctors after the operation had even sent me pictures on WhatsApp saying the operation is successful. They were not even aware till the patient pointed out the mistake,” said Rai.

While Rai runs a business, his son works at an accountants’ firm in Gurgaon.
Following this, the patient’s family told the hospital to discharge him immediately.
“The doctors admitted to the mistake and said they would set it right. But we decided that we would shift him,” said Rai.

“In the discharge papers, they stated that Ravi had problems in both the legs, which is not the case. The admission papers clearly state otherwise,” said Rai.

In a statement, Fortis Hospital said, “Following yesterday's (Tuesday) incident, we immediately set up an Expert Committee to enquire into the matter. Their preliminary view suggests that in the rarest of aberrations, the operating team may have disregarded and sidestepped due processes.”