Minor stripped, beaten

Minor stripped, beaten

Minor stripped, beaten

Three minor boys were stripped and brutally assaulted by seven men who accused them of stealing money from a shop in Hosakote.

The incident, which occurred on Thursday, came to light on Saturday after a video showing the men beating up the boys went viral on social media. Television channels, too, repeatedly aired the video.

The local police swung into action and detained four men, including a shopkeeper, in connection with the incident.

Two of the boys are brothers and the third victim belongs to another family. The video shows the seven men chasing the boys, stripping them and beating them up with a stick. One of them even stood on the hands of one of the boys, while two others thrashed him.

The footage also showed the suspects thrashing the children despite pleading with their tormentors for mercy as they were fasting for Ramzan.

“The boys were assaulted as the shopkeeper believed they stole money from his shop. The incident occurred on June 30 and the police have detained four men. All the seven suspects will be arrested,” Bengaluru Rural SP Amit Singh told Deccan Herald.

The police have booked the suspects for rioting, abduction and assault, he said.
“The parents went to the police station late in the night on June 30, but did not lodge a complaint. They returned the next day and lodged a complaint. Action would be taken against the police officers if they had delayed acting against the suspects,” the SP said.

The incident came to light when one of the suspects recorded the attack on his mobile phone and sent to his friend on WhatsApp. The video was further shared by others and it was picked up by television channels, the police said.

The father of one of the victims, employed at a tinkering shop and residing in Qazi Mohalla, said his son was tortured for more than two hours. “My son, who is studying in the government school at Hosakote, was sitting in the school ground during lunchbreak, while two other boys were playing. The suspects beat up the boys who were playing and then turned their ire on my son. They took the boys to an electrical shop and accused them of having stolen some valuables at a shop owned by Nooruddin. They even gave electric shocks to the three children,” he claimed.

“They took the boys to an eucalyptus grove on Chintamani-Hoskote road, stripped them  and beat them with wooden logs. I rushed there after being informed and spotted the boys being beaten up. Four of them were standing on my son’s hands and legs, while one of them beat him. They threatened to assault me when I requested them to stop beating my son and I left the place,” he added.

He said Nooruddin, Mastan, Ayub, Shamsheer, Zabi and Gandhi were involved in the attack.
Meera Saxena, interim chairperson, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, sought action against the suspects. “It’s an inhuman and brutal act which is not acceptable. This is not the way to deal with children in conflict with law, and appropriate action should be taken against the suspects,” she demanded.

Kripa Alva, chairperson, Karnataka State Child Rights Protection Committee, said they have already sent summons to the suspects. “We have spoken to the police as well. An FIR has been filed. We have insisted that they be arrested. If not, we will initiate action against them,” she added.

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