It's playtime, folks!

It's playtime, folks!

Startup saga

It's playtime, folks!

Incubating an idea for  human development has always been accepted by people, and if the same idea is something that can rekindle a long lost interest, it is definitely going to be a hit.

This is what happened with ‘Playo’, a startup venture that caters to anyone who finds it difficult to follow their passion for sports. Co-founded by Gauravjeet Singh, Daanish Suhail, Karthik Igoor, Umashankar and Amit Roushan, this venture was launched in May last year, with an aim to help people get connected to like-minded people and have a play pal at the end of the day.

With our lives getting busier by the day, we have somewhere forgotten how it is to relax by playing a game of badminton or run around with a football. In such times, this app comes as a blessing for many sports lovers. “While studying the market, we found that nothing much has been done for sports enthusiasts. When everyone is busy hitting the gym, people have forgotten the importance of sports and its overall impact on one’s body and mind. ‘Playo’ is a mobile platform that helps people unfurl their lost interest in sports of any kind. Presently we are present on Android, iOS and have a basic app for Windows too,” says Gauravjeet.

It is based on one’s preference and skill that they can select a sport and register themselves with the pay-per-hour category. In a span of a year, this venture has attracted about 50,000 users and has a presence in over 60 schools, colleges and clubs. “We have never really marketed ourselves in a big way and the growth is purely organic. We have targeted every individual who loves sports and wouldn’t mind spending time playing something they are good at,”adds Gaurav.

Though they were the first ones to launch a venture of this kind, Gaurav says they have seen other players who  introduced similar apps but with a different approach. “Sports need to be an everyday activity. It is the best way to deal with stress and fight with the unhealthy diet habits. One can keep themselves fit and at the same time bond with different people,”he says.

Having launched the app in Dubai last month, the team of ‘Playo’ now focusses on catering to other cities of India as well. “We have three categories that we are looking into. For regular sports, we are concentrating on the core games like badminton, cricket, tennis and basketball. The second category is workouts that include Zumba, mixed martial arts and pilates and the third being leisure activities like paintball, trampoline and horse riding,”adds Gaurav.

He points out that since there was no existing model that they could look up to, they had to create everything from scratch all by themselves.“Even now, every new step that we take is like taking a risk, but with the kind of response we are getting, it is encouraging to try out a new thing,” he says.