Abandoned dogs, cats get a place to call home

Abandoned dogs, cats get a place to call home

Adoption drive

Abandoned dogs, cats get a place to call home

Six cats and four dogs now have a place to call home, thanks to an adoption drive held by Chennai-based NGO People for Cattle in India (PFCI) on Sunday.

This was the second edition of the drive, ‘Bengaluru opts to adopt’, in which injured and abandoned canines and felines which have been rescued were put up for adoption. This year, the drive was a tribute to the LGBTQ community.

“The shooting at the gay club in Orlando was condemnable. Since we can’t go there, we decided to dedicate this to the LGBTQ community to show our support.” said Ritika Goel, who organised the event.

“When people think of having a pet, they usually look at breeds and pay huge sums to buy them. Our aim is to encourage people to adopt stray dogs and cats instead.”

Palm-sized puppies and grown dogs, brown and grey kittens were the centre of attention at the event as animal lovers crowded around them to pet and cuddle them.

Akkai Padmashali, an LGBTQ activist who keeps dogs at home, said, “These stray cats and dogs are voiceless beings who aren’t getting love and affection. It’s something we transgenders can relate to.”

The Indian Salsa Princess, Sneha Kapoor, who is a brand ambassador for the campaign, said, “I have grown up around cats, dogs, ducks, geese and all kinds of creatures. So I feel very strongly for this cause.”

Holding her new puppy ‘Poppins’ in her arms, Shelly Ghosh said, “I decided to adopt him when he looked at me and wagged his tail. My dog, Waggy, who is very possessive of me, approved surprisingly.” Her husband, Kalyan Ghosh, said, “The dog chooses you. It’s not the other way around.”

Adopting puppies is serious business. The ‘parent’ is required to fill a form and needs to have prior experience with pets. The PFCI even does an inspection later to ensure that the pets are being treated well. If they find that the pet is being mistreated, they take them back.

The ‘parents’ all got a bag of goodies for their new pet, as a gesture of gratitude. Shenella D’Netto has been foster parent to 72 cats in the past three years, giving them up for adoption after rescuing them. Of the four kittens she brought to the event, two have found new homes. “I found the pregnant mother stranded in a drain. I took her home and two weeks later she gave birth.”

The two cats and 18 dogs who have not yet found a home will be going back to their foster homes. 

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