Jumpinggoose matches design to its success mantra

Jumpinggoose matches design to its success mantra

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Jumpinggoose matches design to its success mantra

A chance effort by two youngsters at entrepreneurship, resulted in the establishment of Jumpinggoose. 

The brainchild of founders Piyush Bhandhari and Tuhin Roy, the startup Jumpinggoose is a Bengaluru-based creative agency focused on design. “When Tuhin and I lost our jobs, it was a sequential event and most of the brands were winding up at that time. Design was and is still at a nascent stage in India. We wanted to bring a fresh perspective to design. We wanted to create a counter culture. We are dealing with a lot of corporates on the business front, on a daily basis. We do pick up a lot of elements from larger corporates in terms of culture, but prefer to keep the ills out,” says Bhandari, referring to the company’s entreprenuerial journey.

“Design in India is still finding its feet. It has grown very organically. When you say designers, people tend to think only about couture designers/fashion designers etc. We believe that everything starts with design. Even in our everyday lives, design touches our life, day in and day out,” adds Bhandari.

“Jumpinggoose is in the business of doing things good. By that I mean, Jumpinggoose is into making things look good and making surroundings look good. As a team of 19 guys, we are extremely hungry about good work. What we do is that we cater to companies of all domains and verticals, right from startups to global heavyweights,” he says.

The company has four segments —  fashion and lifestyle, space design (office and retail spaces and visual merchandise), branding (brand handwriting, brand ethos, logos) and  communication (online and offline, web banners, communication of online content).

The company, for sure, might feel the heat of competition from traditional designers.
“Tuhin and I feel that design needs to move around people and with people. Design has to be people-centric, it’s not like an art form,” says Bhandhari.

“We think, we are a one-of-a-kind design agency. There might be a number of advertising and creative agencies in India. However, We work with an extremely fresh and talented bunch of people. Our formats have been of collaborative intelligence. We call it gather intelligence. What happens is, if I am a sole designer, there is this ‘my perception’ that I give away as a consultation or service,” he adds.

The company has two ways of engagement with clients. They have a project model and a retainer model. “Clients who have been with us for a couple of years now, actually move with us on a retainer model for a long-term commitment, and cost and comfort zone,” says Bhandhari, adding that Jumpinggoose has close to 57 clients overall. The company is already in talks with investors for raising of funds. “We are in talks for it. We have met a couple of people... But we have not gone ahead with any sort of funding,” he adds.