Presley and Jackson became more popular after death: Big B

Presley and Jackson became more popular after death: Big B

Presley and Jackson became more popular after death: Big B
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan believes death proved to be more valuable to global icons Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson than the fame they earned during their living.

The 73-year-old actor mentioned about the late singers while talking about 'substance use'. Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication and Presley is suspected to have died of overdose of prescription drugs.

"Would Elvis and Michael have known what worth they were leaving behind... or if they knew, would they know, its value... and more... Death was graciously more value for them, than a lifetime of earning...!!" the "Piku" star wrote on his blog.

He said sometimes a 'chemical' can help people be themselves and make them speak about things they wouldn't otherwise.

"I am in admiration of them that have the courage to talk about themselves, decipher each step and move the mind caresses them into, be bold in speaking out what lies within, without. If a chemical can deliver the change within, it merely proves that the within was always there, it merely needed the connect of the catalyst,  medication that has not flown in from outer space, but has been a part of nature in our system.

"Many use that substance to speak up and speak out... the courage, to give to the world, what perhaps had been hidden from it.. an opening of a door which existed but never was unlocked.."

Bachchan, however, added that the excess use of medication is lethal and it is up to the mind to give the signal to the body when the limit exceeds.

"So, if taken in access, a medication would be responsible of similar syndrome. So .. it heals up to a point and then if there is a limit that has been transgressed, it becomes lethal. What then the difference between medication and self imposed death...

"I know many will gun down my theory by saying exactly, that it is the drug overdose that has unknowingly caused demise. Where then is the line of limit, I shall tell you, THE MIND! The mind must have some capacity left in the most trying and disastrous circumstances, to speak to them at the right hour and time..."