2 teams from NLSIU qualify for national quiz on Constitution

2 teams from NLSIU qualify for national quiz on Constitution

2 teams from NLSIU qualify for national quiz on Constitution

Two teams from the National Law Sch­ool of India University Bengaluru, have qualified for the national level of ‘ConQuest 2016’, country’s first quiz on the Indian Constitution, politics and history.

Fifty teams of two members each from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Kerala participated in the preliminary written round which had 25 questions on constitution, history and politics. Four teams from NLSIU Bengaluru, one from Christ University’s School of Law and one from IIT Madras qualified for the regional final round. The sough regional round was held at Christ University on Saturday. the Centre for Law and Policy Research, a city-based non-profit organisation, had organised the event.

Conducted by quizmasters from Walnut Knowledge Solutions, the regional final had four rounds- a potpourri round, a visual connect clue round and buzzer round.

 Jeydev C S and Abhishek Choudhary from NLSIU came first and Sarthak Gupta and Aradhya Sethia, also from NLSIU, came second. Sarthak Gupta, a fifth-year student of BA LLB said that it was a great experience taking part in the quiz. “The difficulty level was moderate. I liked that it was not only about trivia. We had to actually apply logic to answer some of the questions.”

In the visual connect round, they were shown sets of pictures, and their task was to find the common theme binding them. A team from IIT-Madras came third and the three winning teams received prize money of Rs 7,000, Rs 5,000, and Rs 3,000, respectively.

On the concept of having a quiz about the constitution, Bhumika Modh, Associate Editor at the Centre said, “In India, we have quizzes on all themes except on the constitution and its relevance in contemporary political, legal and governance issues.” The undertaking is part of the ‘Constitutional and Civic Citizenship Project’ which aims to encourage young graduates to engage with the constitution and learn about it.

ConQuest will have three more regional-level quiz competitions- West in Pune, East in Bhubaneshwar and North in Delhi- and the national-level final is set to take place in Indian Law Institute in Delhi on August 20.