'Homework is a big part of any role'

'Homework is a big part of any role'

'Homework is a big part of any role'

Authenticity and close-to-life roles were always a priority for actor Harisharva. This artiste, who acted in Arvind Shastry’s ‘Kahi’, will soon be seen in a different avatar in ‘Pradesha Samachara’. 

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about his role and the movie.

How did the movie happen?
Though I acted in ‘Kahi’, I was not actively looking for film projects. I had heard a few scripts but I didn’t want to act in them as I didn’t relate to any of the projects. Director Arjun saw ‘Kahi’ and approached me through some people in the movie. He narrated the story and instantly, I went on board.

What made you agree to the role?
While in ‘Kahi’ I play a serious role, I play a playboy in ‘Pradesha Samachara’. I have always wanted to do a variety of roles and this will be a step ahead for that. My character demands me to stay cool in all types of situations. The character, which required me to be really lively, is something new that I wanted to try.

Are you a serious person or the jovial kind?
I am a serious person. I don’t like rushing into anything. I like being selective about the projects I am involved in. I might be called choosy but I want to play specific roles and do justice to everything I do.

How prominent is your role in the movie?
Every character has its own prominence in the movie. There are three important characters in the movie and I play one of them.

Suraj Gowda acted with you in ‘Kahi’ too. And now you both are reuniting for this project. How does it feel?
This was a surprise for us. Suraj called me and asked if I was aboard the project and that’s when we realised that we would be getting together on screen again.

Your chemistry with Suraj...
We used to hang out, even after the shoot schedule on the sets of ‘Kahi’. Even here, we chill together whenever possible. We share a good rapport. (Smiles) I always tell Suraj that he has the looks to play the hero and he says that I have the calibre for a noticeable performance.

Being a theatre artiste, how different is the film industry?
I have acted in several plays, street plays and four short movies. In theatre, one has to perform in front of a live audience. This requires one to be well-practiced and disciplined. I keep this discipline on movie shoots too.

Homework for this movie included...
Homework is a big part of any role for me. I used to hangout with my younger friends and notice their mannerisms and lifestyle, which helped me prepare for the role.

What are the other projects you are busy with?
Apart from ‘Pradesha...’, I am also directing ‘Brungada Benneri’. I was recognised with the ‘Best Play’ and the ‘Best Script’ award from Karnataka State Theatre Of Academy (Abhinaya Taranga) for the same.

Roles you are looking forward to...
I don’t see myself as a love boy or doing hero-based movies only. If such a role comes my way, I might play it. But, I’m looking into doing roles like the ones Nawazuddin Siddiqui does; those that will be remembered.