Green adornments

Green adornments

Garden boutique

Green adornments

People in the city are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of saving the green planet and many are doing their bit as well to keep their surroundings clean.

With quite a few taking a creative route to design their homes and interiors green, concepts like garden boutiques and landscaping are becoming popular by the day.

Giving life to a similar concept are Sheela Kedarinath and Apitha N, two friends who came up with ‘Zensai’, a venture that gives a green touch to literally any space in one’s house.

“We have been toying with the ‘go green’ mantra for a while, until we gave it a serious thought and finally decided to give shape to our love for nature and a zest for creating greenery around us,” says Sheela.

‘Zensai’, she explains, means the entrance to a garden; it brings beauty and greenery to any nook and corner of one’s home. “We cater to almost every corner — the courtyard, rooftop, terrace areas and balconies. Even if someone has a tiny area that they want to fill up with plants  (indoor or outdoor), this venture makes it possible,” adds Sheela.

It also specialises in setting up a dream garden in various styles like Zen, Chinese, Spanish, English, formal and informal sophistication. They also set up organic gardens for those who want to bring their farmhouse to their homes. This venture is a result of their passion and a natural progression of their hobby which, Apitha says, evolved from their love for nature.

“We create, design and maintain healthy gardens with the help of our design team which includes garden experts, gardeners and artists based in the city,” she says.

Since garden boutiques are a growing trend in Bengaluru, they have come across a couple of them in the city. So what makes them different? Says Apitha, “Our end-to-end solutions and commitment towards our customers is a priority. We ensure that each and every customer is happy at the end of the project and also recommends our work to others.”

They mainly work with terracotta pots, metal planters, bamboo and ceramic stones and use decoratives like hanging bamboo installations, wooden logs, bamboo fences, a tyre with greenery and also wall murals to beautify a garden.

“Since our inception in September last year, we have been receiving positive feedback from people, which has helped us grow further,” says Apitha.

As for their future plans, she says that increasing the green space around to negate the ever-increasing concrete blocks in the garden city is their primary focus. And does ‘Zensai’ face any challenges?

“Since ours is a labour intensive venture, the biggest challenge is that the labour is very expensive. All others are just minor challenges and we strive to do our best diligently and sincerely,” states Sheela. They can be contacted at