Narsingh has failed to prove his claims: NADA

Narsingh has failed to prove his claims: NADA

Wrestling Dope saga : Wrestler's fate to be known on Saturday or Monday

Narsingh has failed to prove his claims: NADA

 The fate of Narsingh Pancham Yadav will now be known on either Saturday or Monday with the two-day hearing of the high-profile doping case concluding on Thursday.

The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), represented by lawyer Gaurang Kanth, presented its arguments in front of the NADA disciplinary panel, headed by Sanjay Mani Tripathi.

Expectedly, NADA dismissed the defence of the wrestler saying he had not been able to establish how the banned substance entered his body. The wrestler had tested positive for banned anabolic steroid methandienone.

“There was lack of utmost duty and care exercised by Narsingh in not allowing the banned substance to enter his body. The arguments advanced by them (Narsingh's lawyers) were that they are eligible for remission under 10.4 of the NADA rules.

“But NADA argued that they were not eligible as they have to show they had no fault or negligence as far as the contamination is concerned, and that they have to lead evidence to the effect that this all has been done without his knowledge and he had no clue that how the substance has entered his body,” Kanth told reporters.

“Since it has not been able to establish as far as the NADA's contention, it is difficult for the panel to give him the remission.  Also, as far as NADA’s argument is concerned we have stated that their plea of no fault or negligence is not correct and does not hold ground.

The wrester faces suspension of four years or a reduced punishment of two years.
“The judgement will depend on the decision of the panel. But we have given strong arguments and we are very confident,” Kanth said.

Narsingh had flunked another dope test on July 5 for the same steroid but Kanth cleared it would be considered his first offence. “As per the NADA code, it is the continuation of one offence.”

The Narsingh’s lawyers were also given an opportunity to put forth a counter-argument.
The second day of Narsingh’s hearing continued to witness his supporters swarming the NADA compound and indulging in sloganeering. The wrester frisked between a chain of police officials once again stated that he had been trapped but remained confident of representing India in Rio Olympics.

“Whatever the truth was I have kept it in front of the panel. I hope all will be good. Let us see what decision awaits me,” Narsingh said.

“I am confident of going to Rio. This has been a conspiracy against me, I have been trapped. I have never done doping in my long career.”

The wrester, represented by Vidushpant Singhania, had presented defence in a long hearing before the NADA disciplinary panel on Wednesday. He had been alleging conspiracy from the start and has even filed an FIR to that effect.