For those who mourn the current state of Bangalore, here’s a treat: There is a healthy portion of the old Central Jail to be seen and enjoyed. PKH Dass’ camera does not dwell too much on the interiors, but still, a sneak-peek opens a floodgate of memories.
Apart from this, there is some ‘sound’ background score - the booming drums obliterate what little talent the composer possesses, be it some lifted tunes or otherwise.

This film was supposed to launch Abdulla as Shivaa into the industry and also assess the director’s abilities. Rajkumar has chosen his supporting cast well.
Khushboo, still looking ravishing in spite of appearing trussed up in sarees, Prakash Rai delivering his dialogues with more than usual energy and Jayasudha, bringing in that aloof dignity to her role - it is evident that late producer Chandulal Jain was blessed with enormous goodwill in the industry. But the director has thrown away all the wonderful possibilities he had with actors of such high calibre.

 There is life in the film whenever these three appear but it is not sustained, thanks to a weak script and a weaker hero, who thinks pursing lips and speaking is cool!
Hanging on to an archaic formula that is repulsive today, the film trudges along with the heavy thud of expectations falling away growing louder by the minute. In the initial scenes, the pauses raise hopes of a well crafted film, but alas! Janani is also not good advertisement for heroine Vibha, a once upon a time beauty queen who resembles Prema onscreen.

All the perversities come to the fore in the guise of romance - a sure turn off. Jayasudha’s acting is reminiscent of some of her Telugu films but she is let down by her co-actors. Rest all are a waste. A misadventure for Rajkumar and a waste of time for the audience!

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