Gang attacks man, flings him from 4th floor

Gang attacks man, flings him from 4th floor

Members of a rival gang killed a man by pushing him from the fourth floor of an under-construction building at Murugeshpalya on Old Airport Road, east Bengaluru, on Monday night.

Nashal Ismail, a native of Mangaluru, was caught in the rivalry between Santhosh and Dhanush, leaders of two small gangs. Ismail had moved to Bengaluru two months ago in search of a job and was staying as a paying guest in Tubarahalli.

Dhanush, who is involved in petty crimes, was plotting the murder of his rival, Santhosh. “Ismail was a close associate of Santhosh. The rivalry between the two ended in Ismail’s murder,” a police officer said.

Santhosh and his associates had clashed with Dhanush and his gang over a petty issue thrice in the last one month. Dhanush vowed revenge. He learnt that Santhosh and his associates were partying at an under construction building.

Dhanush summoned his nine associates, and the group, armed with lethal weapons, attacked the rival gang. While Santhosh and some of his associates managed to flee, Ismail remained behind. Dhanush and his gang followed him to the fourth floor and attacked him. They then flung him down. He died of massive head injuries.

Police caught Dhanush and his associates — Shanmugam, Hadesh, Manja, Shashi, Vinod and Rahul — at Murugeshpalya early on Tuesday morning. Two suspects remain at large, said the police inspector.