Vadra innocent, natural justice violated says his lawyer

Vadra innocent, natural justice violated says his lawyer

Vadra innocent, natural justice violated says his lawyer

As the Dhingra Commission today submitted its report on alleged irregularities in land deals in Haryana involving Robert Vadra, his lawyer claimed the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi had done no wrong and that neither he nor his representatives were ever summoned by the panel.

Vadra's lawyer Suman Khaitan said holding anything against him or his company without giving them a chance to be heard went against the principles of natural justice.

"If the government feels that my client is a bad man and they have a "jawai babu" report, why are they hiding the report. Let the report come out," he told reporters, daring the government to make it public.

Khaitan claimed his client's company made all payments "totally legally" and "never sought any favours from any government department whatsoever".

"It is not a Vadra report. All transactions are recorded. We have paid Rs 8 crore in capital gains. We have paid full stamp duty. Let's wait for the report, don't condemn me like that. Wait for the report and we will answer," he said after the judicial panel submitted its report to the government.

"We were always ready to cooperate and we have nothing to hide. For your knowledge, Dhingra Commission never summoned Mr Vadra. He never summoned any director or representative of Skylight Hospitality.

"Now you tell me, if you don't summon anybody, can you hold it against him. Isn't it breach of Section 8-B and the principles of natural justice. But to give full credit, Mr Dhingra has not said anything against my client," he said.

He claimed that his client never met any government official, or politician of Haryana to seek favours. "We sought no favours. There is no such record against my client anywhere," he said.

Vadra's lawyer said a company owned by him purchased a piece of land in 2008 which was not very substantial and paid legally, including the capital gains tax and stamp duty.

"We have spent more than Rs 15 crore in acquiring the land, if you have heard otherwise in public domain, it is wrong. Don't believe it. We have paid by cheque," he said.

Khaitan said this was the only information sought from his client by the Dhingra Commission and termed it as "a routine matter".

"I, on behalf of Skylight, gave a written answer. In the written answer, we offered that Sir, we want to fully cooperate with you and we have got nothing to hide. In case you need further information, we are ready and willing to give you all relevant information," he said.