Colours in a man's world

Colours in a man's world

Trending hues

Colours in a man's world

There was a time when blue was highly preferred by men while pink was seen as essentially a ‘feminine’ hue. 

But today this colour consciousness is almost non-existent, thanks to the fashion world that is trying to break stereotypes. Men are embracing shades of pink like never before. Colours like coral, salmon and rose are trending and men are choosing these over standard masculine colours like black, blue and brown. 

Designer Rtesh from the label ‘Color Buckket’ says, “The colour pink, with its controversial history in menswear, has become the new neutral tone for coming seasons. As ‘Pantone’ has named rose quartz the colour of the year, the enlightened man should no longer think of pink as something that can only be found in a woman’s wardrobe.” 

 He highlights that wearing pink gives out an impression of a confident personality. When a non-traditional colour is chosen, it tends to stand out. “The mantra is to use this colour on one piece (head-to-toe is overkill). Keep it simple and classy. One can team it up with darker masculine colours and avoid sparkles,” he says. 

 A retro style coat, he points out, is an easy way to tap into the trend. If one wants to go all-out, they can pair these colours with pleat front trousers or simply match it with a grey-toned chinos and dark-printed shirt or T-shirt. 

“The main worry for most men is that pink can make them look effeminate but they don’t realise that no colour is off limits. It’s just the way one styles it and the confidence with which they pull it off. With these colours, it is advisable to keep accessories minimal,” he adds. 

People can sport a coral pocket square or salmon coloured socks to give a feel of the trend. 

 Unlike popular perception, pink is no more restricted as a summer hue, “In winters, a rosy layering will offer contrast from heavier outerwear and will inject some colour into the wardrobe,” opines Rtesh. 

“Men today are ready to experiment with fashion and be as good as women. In a way, they have become open minded when it comes to fashion. Social media and celebrities are a big influence,” says menswear designer Anas Dokadia. 

These hues are going to stay for a while as men are choosing shirts, blazers and ‘sherwanis’ in these colours. 

“Prints in salmon, coral and rose are gaining tremendous popularity and the best thing is this is not an age-specific trend. Men of any age can sport them and look subtle and stylish,” he adds.  

Designer Gaurav Jai Gupta highlights that there are times when many want to come out as gentle; subsiding the idea that a man is always rough and macho. Soft colours like pink, rose and salmon help to an extent. 

“These hues are popular in casual wear and are preferred for occasions like destination weddings or while on a cruise,” says Gaurav. 

“Salmon, rose and coral compliment any skin colour and one can go for materials like linen, silk and cotton silk for a comfortable yet confident wear,” he adds. 

So, sporting neon- coloured sports shoes or a blazer with thin lining in unconventional colours is the way to go.

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