Here comes a bead apart

Rudralife, a Mumbai-based enterprise interested in promoting the values and virtues of Rudraksha beads, is holding an exhibition in the City.

Rudrashaksha are seeds from the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree and are used as prayer beads because they are thought of having divine powers. The representatives of Rudralife recently spoke about the history of the bead, its powers and how people are profiteering from pushing plastic look-alikes into the market. Rudralife runs an ISO-certified laboratory in Mumbai where they would scan each seed to ensure its authenticity. Such techniques as x-raying, specific gravity tests and physical analysis were conducted to ensure that no fakes made their way into people’s life through Rudralife.

Tanya Seetha, the founder of the enterprise, said they had a rare Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree in their possession at Trimbakeshwar and this was of Nepalese origin. He elaborated on the process by which they recommend Rudrakshas to people saying that they combine numerology and astrology.

He suggested that since most five mukhi rudrakshas are common, cheaper than the rest and almost never a fake, one should get one of these and try wearing it. He was of the opinion that only after one has tested Rudrakshas out and found them effective should one invest in a more expensive one.

Rudrakshas, he said had medicinal powers. Kamal Narayan Seetha, even told the gathering of a scientific study conducted by a Japanese University, that had found Rudrakshas useful in AIDS therapy.

Dr Archana Jhulekar of the Pharmacology, Mumbai University, too apparently is studying these seeds.

Rudralife is exhibiting its wares in Bangalore till June 2 at the Infantry Court.  

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