Readiness to appreciate

Readiness to appreciate

My neighbour has a lovely garden, well tended and cared for. The house is one of those which has space for flowering plants on the front premises, a coconut palm flanking each side and a kitchen garden at the back.

Papaya, banana, pomegranate and curry leaves grow in the backyard as well as gourd creepers. There are shrubs along the side walls too.

I often gaze at that haven, revelling in the beauty of nature, assisted, of course by good upkeep. One day, I beheld a profusion of glorious gladioli, orange in colour, fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Apart from being a feast for sore eyes with its appealing freshness, it also provided a sense of serenity.

I mentioned how much I admired the gladioli that were in full bloom when I saw my neighbours. They were happy with what this kindred spirit and said, "Thank you for the compliment." They replied and were genuinely pleased.

The next morning, the first thing that caught my eye was a big bunch of beautiful blooms placed on a table. "From where did these come?" I asked, quite overcome by emotion at the thoughtful gesture. I was told that the neighbours had given them as I had truly appreciated them.

I immediately filled a vase with water and arranged the sheaves --- not that it needed any effort as gladioli assumed a graceful stance however one places them. Every time I glanced at them, my heart filled with pleasure and I all but danced with them.

Often, we fail to even acknowledge, leave alone praise or laud people. It may be something as simple as a meal that was nicely cooked or a pile of clothes that were neatly folded or bills that required to be sorted out. Instead of taking things for granted, if we could say, "How kind of you!" or "What a pleasant surprise!" it would go a long way in making life pleasant.

Why are we so insensitive? Is it part of the make-up of today's mechanical, stress- ridden and competitive life? Let us cultivate the art of appreciation. Not only does it pay rich dividends, but as Sydney Smith said, 'Praise is the best diet for us.'

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