'I would like to play a sadist'

'I would like to play a sadist'


'I would like to play a sadist'

Navyashri is the new face in Sandalwood whose name can be added to the list of aspiring actresses.  This girl from Mangalore is starring in Gundragovi, opposite Sathya of Aa Dinagalu fame.

The budding artiste, who is still studying in second PUC, is mesmerised by the glamour of cinema and wishes to build her career here.

When asked about her role in the movie Gundragovi, she says, “I am portraying the character of a village girl, who brings in a turning point in the life of the hero. The interesting plot compelled me to accept this offer and the film has a good message.” Navyashri debuted in the comedy film Idea Maadyara, directed by Yashwanth Sardeshpande.

“There is tremendous difference between both the flicks. The first film was a comedy, which didn’t demand much acting skills as the second one. Gundragovi is more realistic and my village belle character is close to my heart,” she reveals.

Though it was her second film, Navyashri was not confident enough to face the camera. “On the first day of shooting, I was very nervous and literally shivering. I took four to five takes to okay a shot,” she says. “I am planning to pursue training in performing arts to polish my acting ability. Right now, my mother is my guide. She is a serial actor and helps me in every way.”

The shooting of Gundrgovi is almost complete and majority of the scenes were shot in Chikamagalur. “It was a wonderful experience to shoot in the lush green space and we enjoyed it to the maximum. Sathya is a talented actor and helped me with the acting skills. The whole unit was like a family,” she remembers.

She wants to do all types of characters and doesn’t want to confine herself to a single role. “I wish to portray any kind of character and regard each role as challenging. I have the dream of portraying the character of a ‘sadist’, which demands plenty of facial expressions,” says the actress. The aspiring actress has already signed up for a movie, Machcha Baaglakko, which will be directed by Anand (Master Anand fame), a popular serial actor.