Now, 'light' at the end of the tunnel for stressed out-Bengalureans

Last Updated 21 September 2016, 20:32 IST
Known for being early-adopters, Bengalureans are now taking to Lucia No 3, a light machine which makes you “high”. IT professionals, lawyers and others in the city leading stressful lives are finding peace and relaxation in becoming “light travellers.”

Developed by Austrian scientists Dr Dirk Proeckl and Dr Engelbert Winkler, the Lucia light looks like a contraption from a sci-fi movie. It has a central halogen light, surrounded by eight LED lights. The user sits in front of the lamp with eyes closed and headphones on to cut out external noise. Then the journey begins.

“I was seeing a lot of geometric, multi-coloured patterns. It felt like I was going through tunnels, following a bright light,” said Anagha Jayaraman, describing her experience. “I enjoyed the beautiful patterns and I did not feel like leaving.” The session with the light made her relaxed and peaceful.

The patterns and rhythms of the light stimulate the pineal gland in the brain, triggering the visuals. It is said to help people expand their consciousness and achieve a state of mind which would take years with conventional meditation practices.

Amitabh Swetta, a meditation facilitator, has combined science like Lucia No 3, with age-old meditation practices to give people a complete healing therapy. Besides the Lucia No 3, the centre ‘1000 Petals’ in Indiranagar founded by Swetta and Vartika Gupta also has a sensory deprivation tank. Shaped like a pod, the tank is filled with water which has a high density of salt, causing the person to float inside. Dark, silent and minus the effect of gravity, one is left only with their thoughts. “I was talking to myself inside the tank. For once, I was able to think peacefully without any interruption,” said Sridhar Subba Rao.

After going through an entire session at the centre, which includes a chakra analysis and meditation, Rao, who has been in the stressful IT industry for over 17 years, has been sleeping better, his confidence has increased and his stress levels have become manageable.

Jayaraman is a powerlifter and the float tank took away the soreness in her body from working in the gym. She added, “On the whole, the experience with the two machines helped me calm down. I sleep better and I am able to meet my targets in the gym which I could not do before.”
(Published 21 September 2016, 20:20 IST)

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