'One time, I performed on a ladder'

Funny bone

'One time, I performed on a ladder'

Finding a way to make people laugh is one of city-based comedian Sundeep Rao’s talents. Even with his serious conversation, he brings in a fun element to prove that one doesn’t need to be too serious in life.

Ready to tickle some funny bones, he’s gearing up to entertain his audience at ‘Comedy Central Chuckle Stop’ on October 16. He chats with Anila Kurian about the event and also about his greatest fears.

Do you think there’s been a growth in the comedy world here? 

It has definitely changed a lot but it still has a long way to go. The audience has a
lot more exposure and they expect the content to be relevant. Comedians are
also exploring ways to add in regional and international content on a par with the
rest of the comedy world.

Have you ever been uncomfortable performing?

There was a time when a photographer decided to hop on stage and capture
the reactions of people. While this was an interesting attempt, he was literally
all over the stage. That made me feel uncomfortable.

Had a bizarre performance? 

One time, I performed on a ladder at Toit. I was holding the railings and making people laugh.

When did you realise you are a funny person? 

I used to randomly crack jokes here and there. But in 2013, I spoke about my vision
impairment and realised that there are people who are interested in listening
to such a narrative as well. That was the assurance I needed to take this

What do you say to people who are superstitious?

It’s cool but don't come to my show. I don’t think anyone should live bound to superstitions. Don’t let it affect your life. Being fearful is one thing and being superstitious is another thing.  

And what’s your biggest fear? 

Pigeons. I prefer to stay at home, knowing they are everywhere.

Your favourite go-to midnight snack.

Top Ramen noodles.

In the past week, what interesting tidbit of knowledge you have learned?

I recently read about alkaline and acid food. It taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Ask a question and answer it.

What would make you happy? 

Nothing but everything.

Tell us about ‘Comedy Central Chuckle Stop’.

It’s going to be the usual standup comedy format but with uninvited guests
like Daniel Fernandes and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia. It’s going to be a fun event
where we’re going to be pulling each other's leg in our own style. I can’t

So, what’s next? 

The long term plan is continue doing comedy. I also want to jump into avenues that
are new to me, like writing a book, movie or web series. On a serious note, to learn pole dancing.

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