The taste of home

The taste of home

fresh Mani preparing the dosas.

The single-room outlet serves only idlis and dosas, that too only during mornings. Mani, who is the owner of the place, opens her shop at 8 am and closes business once the stock gets over.

“It is like a part-time occupation for me. I don’t want to do it on a large scale. I am happy with what I am earning,” Mani says. Along with Thatte Idli and Sada Dose, she serves special tomato chutney and the usual coconut chutney. She never keeps her dosas ready. She prepares them after taking orders from the customers.  

“Customers like us because our food, they say, reminds them of their mothers’ hot dosas,” says Mani. The large size Thatte Idlis offered in the shop are smooth. Nagaraj Kubsad, who is a regular customer at the food corner relishes the taste and says, “Since the last two months, we have stopped preparing idlis at home. Whenever we feel like having idlis, we directly come here. My wife also likes to eat the idlis here. She tried to make them at home but she couldn’t surpass Mani’s taste,” he says.

“Many times, female customers come to me asking for the kind of ingredients which I mix. I do not add any extra ingredients except urad dal and rava and I don’t know any special way of preparing the mix. When people say, my idlis are tastier than the ones prepared at their home, I feel satisfied,” Mani smiles.

In the mornings, all types of people come to the eatery for breakfast. During noon, the crowd mostly comprises  students and employees of different companies and labourers. “For the last six months, I have been coming to this outlet. The food tastes homely and fresh. She provides a special type of tomato chutney which I have never tasted before. It has a nice flavour and goes well with crunchy dosas,” says Sadashiv Bhat, who works with a private company.   

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