Watch at a price!

Watch at a price!

Cricket fans are peeved because compared to 2008, the IPL ticket prices are higher this season

Watch at a price!

frenzy Will the fans turn up to watch the matches this time?

Yes, it’s the star-studded, controversy-ridden, yet-so-loved Indian Premier League (IPL). This time, the stakes are higher and the ticket prices are soaring, especially in Bangalore.
With the exception of the Student Stand Tickets priced at Rs 110 and the Standard View Tickets at Rs 220, the starting rates are Rs 550 and go on to as much as Rs 11,000. Metrolife speaks to a few cricket freaks to get their reactions.

Says Abhinav, a B Com student at Christ University, “Last year, we couldn’t see any of the IPL matches. So this time, I want to go for as many matches as possible.” Abhinav feels that compared to 2008, the tickets prices are extremely high. “They are even more expensive than a one-day match.”

However, he feels IPL is a money-making venture anyway. “Maybe they want to capitalise on the popularity of the RCB as the team did well last year.”

Kanupriya, an analyst in HSBC, is really disappointed. “Compared to metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and tier-two cities like Ahmedabad and Jaipur, Bangalore’s ticket rates are extremely high,” she laments.

“As a fan, I would like to get a decent view of the match. But the daily pricing of the Pavilion Tickets is Rs 11,000 and the Season Tickets are Rs 66,000. They can’t expect me to shell out that much money!” She adds, “I was trying to calculate what are we paying for — the view, the shade or the special snacks but I couldn’t come up with a conclusion.”

Shreyas, a sales and marketing agent, agrees with Kanupriya. “It’s extremely disappointing, especially when you notice that it’s so reasonable in other places.” He is trying to get the tickets at a concessional rate. “Maybe it’s because of some special facilities they are offering that it’s so high.”  

However, the authorities disagree. Says Sidhartha V Mallya, RCB Franchisee Representative, “Price increase for tickets this season is a misnomer. If you look at stands like the Terrace, the ticket prices have actually been reduced from Rs 4,000 in 2008 to Rs 2,750 this season. For other stands like Royal Challenge Executive, it is Rs 2,750, the prices remain what they were in 2008 with marginal inflationary increase. For D Corporate, it was Rs 1,750 in 2008, and this time it is Rs 1100. For stands like A, B, C it is Rs 550, same as what it was in 2008.”

He adds, “Ticket prices have only been increased for those stands which are specifically targeted at the Corporates for their hospitality purposes. The franchisee is investing in these stands to create an experience which is truly world-class.”