Curbs on hoardings likely

Mushrooming boards spoiling Citys beauty, says Commissioner

Curbs on hoardings likely

The new law will see that no billboards in Zone A and B under the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) will be seen in the City. This would mean that most commercial areas will be void of any advertising billboard. The by-law however needs to be ratified by the Karnataka Government and ensure that the notification will be sent for a public debate.

“The visual beauty of the city has been spoiled by the numerous billboards mushrooming in the city. The law intends to address this issue,” Commissioner, BBMP, Dr Subramanaya told Deccan Herald.

According to the Commissioner, the law will see to it that with billboards disappearing from Zone A and B, the hoardings and advertising will move to Zones C, E and F under the BBMP zonal classification.

The new by-law might also see an increase in the taxes on billboards. The commissioner believes that an increase in tax would also see the stemming of illegal hoardings coming up in the city. “We will be ensuring that henceforth if any billboard has to be placed, the agency or the person in question erecting the billboard will have to come with the receipt of the property tax paid for the area,” he said.

Blanket increase in rates

However, the advertising industry believes that the new laws might well see a rate that may see a blanket increase in the rates of all billboards regardless of the place, position or display. “The by-law will see rates in Kengeri and in Bangalore being the same,” said a personnel in the advertising industry. However, the Commissioner has categorically stated that there cannot be any change in taxation rates. “I am here to protect the beauty of the city and to ensure everything runs by the book,” he retorted. Currently, Bangalore houses nearly 3,000 hoardings within BBMP jurisdiction.

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