A shivery sojourn

Mummy Save Me
Kannada (A) Director: Lohith H
Cast: Priyanka Upendra, Yuvina Parthavi, Golisoda Madhusudan and others

A heavily pregnant, fussy and fearful Priya, and her pretty but prankster daughter Kriya form the pivot of Mummy Save Me.

The two, along with grandma Vatsala and aunt Sneha, check in at a desolate, demonic villa in Goa, after Priya loses her husband in a tragic accident.

However, instead of peace and quietude, the foursome are driven to wits’ end when a vengeful sprite is roused from deep slumber.

Trying to send shivers down the audiences’ spine, debutant Lohith H turns his horror flick into sound, fury and special effects — thunder, lightning, slamming doors, moaning voices... However, Mummy fails to life up to the hype of horror flicks.

 Lohith uses every trick in the trade to instil the fear of devil in audiences.
Sadly Mummy falls flat, lacking nuance and deftness of the genre. All you do is snort and sneer at the tomfoolery. Mummy is neither engaging nor entertaining.

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