Incredible lectures and the finest minds

Incredible lectures and the finest minds

Incredible lectures and the finest minds

Want to stay posted on the latest scientific research happening around the globe? Take your pick from informative video lectures delivered by some of the world’s greatest scientists like Richard Dawkins, Stephen Wolfram, Steven Chu, Craig Venter and Stephen Hawking at These 100 lectures, describe — in detail — cutting edge theories and projects that are set to change the world. These educative lectures are available under the same url thanks to Sarah Russel who has garnered them at For easy accessibility, the talks are categorised under:

-Science and Engineering
-Biology and Medicine
-Earth and Environment
-Science in the Future

‘Our Queer Universe’, a TED talk by biologist Richard Dawkins, an Oxford University professor,  is on the strangeness of our universe and many things that the common man is yet to comprehend. He makes a case for “thinking the improbable”, by arguing that the human brain limits our understanding of the universe.

Biochemist Kary Mullis lectures on the scientific processes followed by scientists, the nature of discovery and experimentation. An MIT lecture called ‘A New Age of Exploration’, by Dava Newman, is all about research related to space. Stephen Wolfram’s ‘A New Kind of Science’ offers his perspective of how the unexpected results of a few simple computer experiments led him to look at life processes differently.  

The lectures related to science and engineering cover everything from material science to the study of thermodynamics. ‘WTC Lecture – Collapse of WTC Buildings’, has  Steven E Jones discussing the collapse of the World Trade Towers, purely from a physics perspective. ‘The Second Law and Energy’, by Steven Chu, and a lecture on Nanophotonics are equally absorbing.

The lectures on biology and medicine range from drug research to writing the genetic code.  Among these great lectures are ‘A Paradigmatic Complex System: The Immune System’, delivered by Irun Cohen, a physician at the Weizmann Institute of Science; Warren Levinson’s lecture on the Diseases Caused by Bacteria; and The Origin of the Human Mind: Insights from Brain Imaging and Evolution by UCSD cognitive scientist Martin Sereno.

For chemistry enthusiasts, there is ‘Introduction to Solid State Chemistry’, an MIT course delivered by Donald R Sadoway, which explores the basic principles of chemistry and their application to engineering systems. ‘Chemical Structure and Reactivity’, a lecture by Peter Vollhardt is an introduction to organic chemical structures, organometallics and more.

The physics and astronomy lectures help understand how scientists are trying to harness the infinite options in the universe. Stephen Hawking’s lecture, in which he questions the beginning of the universe, is thought-provoking. Lectures related to the earth and environment give a vivid picture of deep sea ecosystems, global warming and other earth science phenomena.

Unless you’re enrolled at a top university or are an elite member of the science and engineering inner circle, you’re probably out of most of the exciting research explored by the world’s greatest scientists. But thanks to the internet, with this list of 100 incredible lectures, you’ve now got access to the latest in science.