They performed a jig for every six!

They performed a jig for every six!

Adding sparkle

They performed a jig for every six!

The IPL III arrived in namma Bengaluru and how. The occasion was Ugadi and the hangover of the feast was all over the City.

But inside the Chinnaswamy Stadium, it was spring thunder all the way.
 And the boys did not let down the crowd. The stadium was packed to the hilt with girls, boys, the old and the young. Even little children basked in the glory of the game and the milky floodlights.

While most girls and boys got their faces painted in yellow and red, others made sure they stood out in red RCB tee shirts. There were still some others who had made their own headgears, crowns indicating that their team would emerge victorious. It was nice to see women turn up in large numbers. 

Fans of both the teams brought in flags and torches and waved them everytime either of the teams did well. The background music, some custom-made for each of the teams, was blasted. The cheer girls largely grooved to popular Hindi and Kannada songs. Even though they didn’t understand the language, their moves were all Indian and rhythmic. The fireworks added sparkle to the evening.

The cheering only grew louder, when the RCB batsman thrashed the Kings Punjab team as they batted nothing but sixes and fours driving the fans to do a their own wild jig.
 A visibly overexcited Sidhartha Mallya told Metrolife that he was confident that his team would win. “They’ve been practising so hard and batting really well. I was sure they’d win. I am very proud of them.” 

But the energy and enthusiasm was more pronounced among the ordinary people. They wore red tee shirts, red caps and painted their faces in red and yellow as a mark of support to the home team. Shashidhar Patil, an employee with Tata Tele services said that he couldn’t help dancing to every tune that was played. “It was a brilliant game. Robin Uthappa deserves more than just an applause. I am looking forward to the other matches.”

Kaveri Kolari, an employee with Wipro was overjoyed with the victory. “It was a quick win. The music was well coordinated. It was amazing to see Manish Pandey and Robin Uthappa in action,” said Kaveri.
Smitha Despande, a die-hard RCB fan said that the game was simply awesome and she had decided to head to Chinnaswamy for the other matches.