From stars' stand

From stars' stand

Sandalwood glittered on the opening day of the IPL match where the Royal Challengers Bangalore thrashed Kings XI Punjab to victory.

While Sandalwood stars Ramya and Puneeth, both ambassadors of RCB, attracted a huge number of fans on and off the arena, Kannada film hits rent the air every time the team hit the bull’s eye.

People wasted no chance to watch the match with their favourite stars. Ramya and Puneeth sat amongst the people, flags in hand, wearing head gears and caps; and cheered, hooted and screamed till their throats went hoarse. The Ramya stand housed 800 people, most of whom had bought the tickets just to watch the match with Ramya.
“It’s Ugadi. There has to be something special. The players were brilliant and we just sailed to victory,” she said while cheering aloud for all the sixes and the fours the team hit.

Puneeth, who was accompanied by his wife, said that he thoroughly enjoyed himself and was even more thrilled that most of the songs that were blared were in Kannada.
“They’ve hand-picked from among the best in Kannada songs. For every six, they played Hodi Maga which was rather thoughtful and pieces from the film Kamalakshi were also played,” said Puneeth and added, “sitting and cheering with the fans was a unique experience.”

Among the onlookers were die-hard fans of RCB and fans of Ramya and Puneeth as well. Tanisha Rohira, a tennis player said, “Sitting and cheering with the stars adds so much of energy to the match. The enthusiasm was infectious.”
 C N Nikhil, Abhiram, S Bindya and Ankita, a bunch of close friends said that they’d pooled in money and bought tickets just to watch the match with the stars.
“We took plenty of pictures with Ramya and Puneeth and got a chance to interact with them which is a dream come true,” said Nikhil.  

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