Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck

Lucky was lonely
As he was the only
Duck on that lake -
A young, handsome drake.

He was called 'lucky 'by everyone
Having escaped the hunter's gun
By ducking under weeds
And hiding behind reeds.

Under wing, he'd tuck his head,
At night, and go to bed.
He'd wake every morn
At the crack of dawn
Open his eyes and say -
"Now what shall I do today?
I'll swim around the lake…
A sun bath I'll take…
I wish I had some company
What fun that would be!"

One day he heard a loud quack.
"Quack-quack", he called back.
To his utmost glee
A female he did see -
She was so pretty
'Twas such a pity -
She was stuck,
In the lake's muck.

Lucky swam near.
Her leg did appear
Caught in a strand of weed.
She struggled to be freed.
Knowing what to do
He came to her rescue.

He didn't stop to wonder
Bottoms-up, he went under.
With his beak he did snap
The weed acting as her trap.
Free - she did swim
Gratefully towards him.

He asked her to be his wife
They became partners for life.
He was no longer lonely
Now he had his own family.
She gave birth to ducklings three
And they all lived together happily.