Geared for a carnival


Geared for a carnival

Green Fashion House and Walking Guitar held the media launch of the
proposed Bangalore Fashion Carnival in a City mall recently. This Carnival is slated to happen from July 19 to July 25.

The event showcased the work of three designers — Shilpi Choudhury, Sheruka Shanali and Chamindri. The show was choreographed by Farhan. The evening began with a Bharatanatyam performance by Jazel and Rajalakshmi.

After their piece, came Choudhury, the first designer to show her collection at the event. She presented three lines titled the Ottoman Turks, Tribal Denim and Bark Ensemble. The Lines Ottoman Turks and Tribal Denim seemed designed to be Haute Couture lines and the Bark Ensemble line seemed more pret.

Being a fashion historian, Choudhury’s collection seemed rather researched. She made use of elaborate head gears, relevant traditional jewellery to keep her look authentic. The footwear could have been better.

The second designer to show for the evening was Sheruka Shanali, who presented a line called Carnival Gowns.

Designed in baby blues and whites, these flowing gowns and straight slacks were sequinned and polka dotted. The cuts and styles were not very novel. Some models walked on stage with masks while others didn’t. They blew what presumably was make-believe angel dust on the gathering.

Smoke machines created smoke, people from the floor above sprayed snowflakes from cans. Karnataka Suruchi was the show-stopper who walked the designer down the ramp. Curiously though, she wasn’t wearing a dress from the collection.

The third and final presentation was by Chamindri and Sheruka Shanali. This wedding wear presentation had two lines — the male collection and the female collection. It put a modern spin on traditional designs.

The bridal line especially attempted to blend the East and the West and used different types of silk.

 The men’s line displayed a variety of short Shervanis and Jodhpuri pants in rich brocades.
This fashion show was interesting in that it brought something that is always thought of as being elite to everyday people.

Regular shoppers at the mall made for a ready audience and a huge one it seemed.

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