More than just pink 'n' blue...

More than just pink 'n' blue...

Are you being challenged by options while designing your children's room? Radeesh Shetty gives you a few tips to get you started

More than just pink 'n' blue...

Have you watched the Hollywood flick Father of the Bride Part II? If you have you would remember, George Banks (Steve Martin in the movie) goes that extra mile to get a nursery designed for his unborn daughter. Well, this sentiment is no longer limited to just the reel life. It is now happening in real life  too.

Designing a child’s room occupies a prime place in every parent’s mind. And with the technological boom and information overload, designing a child’s room too has come of age. It is no longer restricted to just the shades of pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

Today, sprucing up a child’s room is equal to portraying his/her personality through the room decor. We break down a few design options, just to give you a head start:

Colours & patterns

Walls are the foundation. With the right texture and shade, they set the mood of the room. Neutral shades are in, albeit with colourful accents. A grey room may have accents like pink, purple or yellow. As a child’s room is always brimming with bright coloured toys, it’s best to avoid the use of bright shades.

Work with themes

Today, theme-based design options are in. If your child is into a particular sport, filling the room with that sport-related decor gives you a head start. If it is football, then football-inspired posters, carpets and other accents liven up the space.

Make it multi-functional

A room is not just a place where the child goes to sleep, but a space for the child to grow, contemplate and get creative. It’s also a place of restoration for him. It is best to make it multi-functional. If the child is into playing some musical instrument, then, creating a cosy space for the child to practise adds that personal touch.

Let there be light

Natural light and ventilation play a huge part in design. They not only add freshness, but also make the room look bright. Having large windows is a good idea. But as one has to keep in mind the safety of the child too — it’s best to fix grills onto them. If it is a toddler’s room, it is advisable to have rounded edges for everything – walls, tables etc.

For the night times, it is best to have a tiny bed side lamp. Not only will it make it easy for the child to access the light, but s/he can turn it on or off at will. Avoid glittering light and go for plain bright ones that’s easy on the eyes and is ideal for studying and playing too. Choose lights that cause no shadows in the room.

(The author is founder, The Purple Turtles, Bengaluru)