'There is something to learn from everyone'

'There is something to learn from everyone'

'There is something to learn from everyone'
Actor Kavya Shetty of ‘Nam Duniya Nam Style’ and ‘Ishtakamya’ fame has been experimenting with varied roles to explore herself. In her upcoming project ‘Siliconn City’, she portrays a simple girl who is from a middle-class family. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about her role and the movie.

How and when did you decide to take up acting?
It was while I was doing my internship after engineering that I stepped into modelling. During my modelling days, I got my first movie offer. There has been no turning back since then.

Tell us about ‘Siliconn City’.
The director of the movie, Murali, had seen my photographs and felt that I fit into the role well. I met him and the team and I was convinced enough to agree to do the project. The movie is the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Metro’. However they have brought in some changes in my role. Compared to my other movies, this role is a simple one and I wanted to give it a shot too.

What is it about the role that made you take it up?
I have mostly played glamourous roles till now and it was interesting to play this one. The movie, which is a thriller, also has a romantic angle to it. Srinagar Kitty will be seen romancing me onscreen. I had seen the original Tamil movie and I loved it. I also wanted to explore it.  

How much of the shoot is remaining?
We have a few more days of shoot left. So far, we have shot in and around Bengaluru and most of my scenes are with Srinagar Kitty and Chikkanna.

The experience of shooting with Chikkanna and Srinagar Kitty...
I have worked with Chikkanna earlier. This is the first time I am working on a project with Kitty. Shooting with different people brings in different experiences. We had a lot of funny scenes in the movie. There is something to learn from everyone. They are both great actors and it was great working with them.

What are the challenges you faced?
There were not many challenges as I play the role of a ordinary girl, who is similar to who I am in person.

Any memories from the sets...
Though I can’t think of something amusing that might have happened on the sets, I do remember that the shooting was well-planned and efficiently managed.

How did it feel to shoot in your own city?
As the name of movie suggests, the story is about Bengaluru. It is always interesting to shoot in one’s own city. I’ve never shot on the roads of the city and that was a different experience.

What are your other projects?
The projects that are lined up for release are ‘Smile Please’, a romantic comedy, and ‘3 Ghante 30 Dina 30 Seconds’ which is in the post-production stage.