Two crore join hands to back prohibition

Two crore join hands to back prohibition

Two crore join hands to back prohibition

Bihar set a record on Saturday when around two crore people joined hands to form a 11,292 km-long human chain in the state.

The event was organised to create awareness about the liquor ban imposed here in April. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had given a call to all, including the Opposition, to join the human chain.

The BJP decided to support the move after Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Nitish for initiating a cataclysmic change in society by successfully imposing prohibition.

The BJP leaders, however, did not turn up at the historic Gandhi Maidan of Patna, where Nitish and Lalu Prasad Yadav joined hands with others to form a human chain depicting Bihar’s map.

The BJP leaders formed a separate human chain at Siwan, where they had a party meet.
Four Isro satellites – two Indian and two foreign – had their cameras focused on the state to capture that rare moment when men, women and children of all ages were holding hands to form the longest human chain.

Breaking record
This human chain is said to have surpassed the 10,000 km-long chain created in Bangladesh in 2004.

Apart from satellite imagery, four trainer aircraft with two cameras each were deployed for photography. Around 40 drones – one for each district in the state – covered the event.

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