Understanding basics of spirituality

Understanding basics of spirituality

Usually, when it comes to spirituality, people think of god, religion, rituals etc. For example, a person folding his hands before an idol in a temple thinks he is spiritual, though his mind wanders in a number of ways, even while he prays to God. That is why the modern generation feels that practicality and spirituality do not go hand in hand. Hence, they consider spirituality as impractical.

However, we need to understand that spirituality is a way of sharpening your mind and hence raise your effectiveness to a much higher level. It is actually knowledge of the self, its relationship with God and the purpose of one’s existence and the way to achieve that purpose or goal. But again there is a question that lot of people raise that why at all does one need to be spiritual? What’s so wrong in being materialistic instead of being spiritual?

The answer to this is simple; it’s a matter of will and one is free to choose how and what he/she wants to be. But, we should not forget the fact that at some point in life, everyone tries to be spiritual willingly or circumstantially/incidentally. This happens a lot of times when one wishes to forget all the materialistic things, the physical details of people, the luxuries of the world and everything that is physical and just wants to be with oneself in peace, love and harmony.

A spiritual person always remains contented with the self and devotes his time not in material pursuits but tends to remain in the company of the divine thereby experiencing true love, peace and happiness which are more lasting than material attainments. Such a person will see everyone as souls; be loveful to every person in this world regardless of one’s religion, country, gender and other physical traits. He would always remain peaceful, no matter how people and situations around him would be because being peaceful is being the true self and being spiritual.

When we would understand the above definition of a real spiritual being, we would be spiritually​ ​awakened and enlightened. We get directly connected to the Supreme Being who would lead us to the path of self transformation which would further lead to world transformation.